Our technicians are professionally trained and qualified in both carpet assessment and carpet cleaning. Before cleaning your carpet they will carry out a pre-inspection and analyse the fibres of your carpets to ascertain exactly what the makeup is of each carpet. This is to ensure that the correct cleaning solution is chosen for the type of carpet fibre as each carpet fibre type has different properties and responds differently to the various types of cleaning solutions we carry.

We use only the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions and industry leading carpet cleaning equipment which means the extraction of more dirt, soiling and ensures a typical drying time of just 1- 2 hours.

People often make the mistake of thinking because their carpets look dull and dirty the time has come to change them. This is often not the case and we are able to restore your carpets by professionally cleaning them.

Carpets are like any other fabric over time will become soiled, duller in colour and can start to have a musty odour.

We can professionally clean your carpets to extract the dirt, freshen the carpets and remove those odours.

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Your rugs, fabric and leather furniture will be as clean as in the day you bought them. We guarantee no distraction to your daily activities while we make your carpets cleaner than ever.

GoldenCleanings is proud to provide fantastic upholstery cleaning services in UK. As a parent or homeowner you are probably aware of how good your home looks and feels when your fabrics have been thoroughly cleaned. Our team make sure that embedded dirt and ground-in grit is fully extracted from furnishings fabrics. Thus damage to the fibres is prevented and your furniture’s longevity enhanced.

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